At Left Lane we don't like the typical agreements you find elsewhere and neither do our clients. All our services are fix-priced, have NO onboarding-fee, and are customized to fit your budget. 

We offer nonprofit discounts too.

Welcome to Left Lane - the fastest place for your business.



Left Lane builds custom websites using the Wix platform. All websites are formatted for responsive web design, which means that your website will look great on mobile and desktop screens. 

Most websites can be built and just two weeks. That's fast.

We are a full-service marketing agency and can do all aspects of website building, including:

  • Custom template design to fit your brand

  • Writing original content for website pages

  • Mobile-friendly formatting

  • Creating a blog 

  • SEO

  • Connecting to your social media accounts

  • Testing website on desktop and mobile devices for a seamless user experience

Left Lane will build you a podcast show of your dreams or book podcast shows for you to be a guest on. We offer these two podcasting services:

  • Your own podcast launch from A to Z

    • Unique show positioning ​

    • Custom podcast episode outline to be used for each show

    • Affordable microphone and headphone recommendations 

    • Podcast artwork

    • Custom theme song

    • Hosting and linking to all major podcast services (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

    • Demo / first episode recording

    • Marketing plan to promote your podcast 

  • Podcast bookings service

    • 2 interview bookings each month

    • Choose your targeted audience

    • Your interview episodes delivered to you promptly when live

    • Monthly service, cancel anytime



Paid Search


Paid search (PPC or pay-per-click) is when you have an advertisement promoting your business on a search platform (Google, Bing, etc.). The team at Left Lane are experts in Google Ads, which is the most popular paid search platform in the world. We deliver low cost cost-per-click Google ads through keyword search planning and campaign testing. Left Lane is available to build and oversee your Google Ads or we can teach you how to do so through our tutorial sessions.

All our clients receive excellent Google Ad paid search service, including:

  • Keyword planning

  • Copywriting and best practices

  • At least 2 Ad Groups per Campaign

  • At least 10 keywords per Ad Group

  • Control and Testing to reduce cost-per-click

  • Data tracking and insights

  • Budget and strategy recommendations



At Left Lane, we enjoy making unique designs for our clients. We can make and order (almost) any form of marketing design you need. Good design starts with an understanding of your brand guidelines, target audience, and where you wish to advertise.

Left Lane can create any design item to fit your needs, including:

  • Billboards

  • Logos

  • Rack cards

  • Business cards

  • Posters

  • Email and blog banners

  • Promotional items (bumper stickers, pens, magnets, t-shirts, etc.)

  • And more - request an item and we will give you a price quote



Left Lane offers marketing consulting to ensure your business is on the fastest path towards success. 


Why hire a Left Lane consultant?

We excel in finding quick and affordable solutions to your marketing needs. You will have access to Left Lane for assistance with your marketing implementation on an on-going basis for frustration-free support.


How will Left Lane work with our team? 

Hiring Left Lane as a consultant is convenient for your business and team. You will get quick support to your specific marketing needs through live video calls, phone, and/or email support.  Left Lane is available to any team member when you need technical support, new ideas to move forward, or strategy suggestions. Left Lane is professional and mindful of your time. 

Please note that consulting is offered in 10 hour increments that must be used within one (1) month of contract agreement.


Banner Ads


Banner ads are an effective way to increase traffic to your website on a monthly basis. Good banner ads have a clear call-to-action, are quick to understand, and are targeted to a relevant audience to your brand.


All banner ads that Left Lane creates are crystal clear when viewing on any device, follow best practices, and delivered to you fast.


We can create banner ads to specs given to us or we can do a full-service approach to isolate the best banner ad placement for your brand and build the banner ads then. Left Lane will create any format you need, including images, video, and audio.

Get your brand advertised with digital banners ads and drastically increase website traffic.

Try banner ad placements for these popular online places:

  • News websites

  • Facebook & Instagram

  • Spotify (audio ads)

  • Shopping websites

  • YouTube (video ads)


Email Marketing


Left Lane handles client newsletters on a monthly-basis and can do special announcements as well; to reduce people from unsubscribing, we recommend sending just monthly emails to your customers and only the occasional special announcement in between.

Left Lane specializes in managing email campaigns using both Wix and Constant Contact. We can also create custom tracking links to further track click-rates.

We offer fast email marketing services, including:

  • Branded templates

  • Email campaign strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Tracking links for data analytics/Promotional codes

  • The latest industry best practices



Creative copywriting is an art form and at Left Lane we have the experience and skills to write for any brand. Brands have voices and some are serious and some are playful; a brand voice is just the style of communication your business uses to interact with customers. Often times, brand voices develop naturally and then become brand guidelines for the company - it's essential that new content be written with those guidelines in mind to match the company's voice.

Good copywriting drives customers to purchase your product or service.

Lane Lane will write original and engaging content for you for any marketing need you have, including:

  • Articles for publication

  • Blogging

  • New product or service descriptions 

  • Program descriptions

  • Website content

  • Brand guidelines

  • And more - let us know what you need and we will provide a price quote

Marketing Plans


A marketing plan is an action-oriented document that outlines the advertising methods to reach your target market and thus generate leads. It includes strategy overview, budget, timeline, target market, and types of advertising to be used for the campaign. Also, it will have a solid foundation of market research involved to generate faster and more relevant business leads.

At Left Lane we will identify your marketing goals and break them down into actionable objectives. Our full-service agency will help you grow your business.



Marketing research is the foundation of good marketing plans. Research is needed to discover the optimal way to reach your target market, reducing cost and saving time for you in the long-run.


Left Lane will help you discover innovative ways to attract new customers - we offer a variety of research tools, including:

  • Surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Business data review

  • SWOT Analysis 

  • Staff interviews