3 Marketing Tips for 2021

Begin the new year with minimal effort for maximum impact. Left Lane is your one-stop place for your marketing needs and we put together 3 Marketing Tips for the new year.

Tip #1 - More Money Doesn't Always Equal More Impact

It's true, we all think that it - "If only I had a $20,000 marketing budget, then I could really do effective marketing" - that's simply not true. It's how you use your marketing investment that counts, not just the dollars thrown in. Do you have a small business and frustrated that you aren't getting noticed on Google search results? Well blogs are free (such as this post) and they will boost your SEO, thus improve your Google search result ranking. Need a faster solution? Try Google Ads (free for nonprofits) and you can even run paid campaigns with any budget and target your ads to single zip code even. Get smart with your marketing spending this new year.

Tip #2 - Try Boosting Your Facebook Posts

Facebook advertising takes a lot of effort and time to put together an effective advertising campaign. The Facebook ads could be really great and get conversions, but try an easier and often effective method first - boosting your Facebook posts. Left Lane suggests starting with a $5 to $20 budget for 7 days. Use a post with a clear call-to-action and that has a nice photo (ideally NOT stock). Click "Boost post" and the fun begins - select your audience, budget, and number of days you want to boost the post for. That's really all there is to it. Give it a try this year.

Tip #3 - Brochures Are Boring, Meet Rack Cards

What the heck is a rack card? It's like an over-sized bookmark and it's great for passing around to new customers. Brochures are so last year and often cost more dollars (see Tip #1).

Bonus Fast Tip: Give Left Lane a try this year!

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