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Left Lane launched a new hit show, called Obstacle Rabbi Podcast.


Rabbi Noah Karp wants to be a source of inspiration for others who are facing difficult challenges in their lives, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Rabbi Karp is a rabbi, father, inspirational speaker, late night workout guru, and now host of Obstacle Rabbi Podcast. Every guest has a great story to tell and the show has already touched the lives of listeners around the world. His motto is #ThriveNotSurvive.


Rabbi Noah Karp's story began when he was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease as a teen and felt defeated. He found hope through fitness, an optimistic mindset, and healthy eating; Crohn's became his catalyst for change.

Fast-forward to 2016, Rabbi Karp found himself happily married with five kids and a lovely wife. As a communal Rabbi, he had habits of grabbing food on-the-go, putting his personal well-being behind seemingly urgent tasks, and felt he was quickly spiraling downwards again.  At 50+ pounds overweight, he knew it was time for another change.


A good friend of his approached him and suggested he consider training for an obstacle course run to motivate him to exercise.  His life changed at that moment when he responded with "yes". Rabbi Karp has since ran over 11 Spartan races, obstacles races, a marathon, and 2 half-marathons.  He even convinced his wife to join him in this journey! 

Rabbi Karp produces weekly short videos on how inspiration can be drawn from our daily lives - check them out here. He is also the host of Obstacle Rabbi Podcast.